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The Company is an AIM Rule 15 cash shell, pursuant to the disposal by the Company of all or substantially all, of its existing trading business, activities or assets, approved by shareholders at a General Meeting held on 1 December 2017 and completed on 4 December 2017.

As an AIM Rule 15 cash shell, the Company will be required to make an acquisition or acquisitions which constitute a reverse takeover under AIM Rule 14 (including seeking re-admission as an investing company as defined under the AIM Rules)) on or before the date falling six months from 4 December 2017 or be re-admitted to trading on AIM as an investing company under the AIM Rules (which requires the raising of at least £6 million) failing which, the Company's Ordinary Shares would then be suspended from trading on AIM pursuant to AIM Rule 40. Admission to trading on AIM would be cancelled six months from the date of suspension should the reason for the suspension not have been rectified